Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonials

The Lilygrace Originals website is a new step for me, but I have been selling my jewellery on Etsy for 4 years, and before that on Ebay for 3 years. On both Etsy and Ebay, I have 100% positive feedback. 

I also sell at local art and vintage markets and have exhibited at the Clothes Show London.

Here are are some of the great comments I have received about my jewelley, and about my customer service:

(I have only used these excerpts after receiving prior permission to do so from the customer quoted)


Hazel, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how amazing I think your jewelry is! You're the best jewelry designer on Etsy, by far. I am awestruck by your talent...your combination of colors, textures and images. Its just impressive. I'm completely inspired by your freedom of expression. I would love to buy a piece of yours in the future when I get some money together for fun things.
Thank you!

Shawna, US

"I fell in love with Hazel's gorgeous creations the first time I saw them - so much so that I invited her to exhibit at our vintage wedding fair and hope she'll come back again next year.  I'm like a kid in a sweet shop whenever I see her beautiful jewellery - there are always so many things I want to have and I'm slowly building a collection.  Everyone comments when I wear her things - from my Mum to my friends' daughters - I think women just appreciate how beautiful they are." 

Ali, Bristol Vintage, UK


Here is a contribution from a long suffering gentleman . . .

Whoever thinks that shoes are all a woman thinks about have got it all wrong! My wife goes for the earrings and then the shoes to match! Funnily enough she can't do anything on the internet until she finds out that there are some new Lilygrace earrings on sale and then her computer literacy magically reappears!!  To be honest they are little works of art and a powerful bargaining tool should I need some 'boy time' at a sporting event.

Nick C, UK


and one from from his lovely wife Suzi

hi i've got them!! yum,yum,yum!!!they are lovely!! thank you so much for all your effort and hard work in them. i keep having to peep at them, and make n admire them too.                                                           Suzi C, UK

They are just as described and I love them! I can't wait to wear them. Thank you so very much.
 Megan C, USA    (embroidered earrings)


The Josephine Baker earrings are great. The image cameo is so lovely. I love it. In these colours, they look vintage and the ivory roses are going to stand out. Love it!!

These Frida earrings are so perfect. I love the colours in these as you picked the colours from the image to create this pair. You are an amazing artist, Hazel. I have wanted a Frida theme earrings for so long. Frida was definitely a woman beyond her time. Just beautiful!

I love, love my calavera earrings. The antique rhinestones eyes are so elegant. The pearly teeth add just a nice touch. I can't wait to wear them. Thank you so much for making these special for me.

Shu SC, Singapore  (several pairs of earrings)


These beauties arrived today; I'm absolutely thrilled! They were packaged beautifully, arrived quickly and look amazing! I cannot wait to wear these on my wedding day, thank you!

Lara W, UK  (embroidered earrings)

Even cooler in real life than in the pictures!! Can't wait to wear these to work!! They are so funky and cool! And nowhere near as heavy as you'd imagine!

Yay! I got my earrings yesterday! They are so COOL!! The most fantastic balance between kitsch and funky and cool! Little pieces of true art!

Deidre G, Netherlands   (2 pairs of hand modelled face earrings)


Fun, funky, cool wearable art made by Lilygrace:) Arrived quickly, safely and better than pictured! Highly recommend****************************************

Sarah S, USA  (vintage circus earrings)

Do I ever have to take it off??? It is soooo Beautiful I just love your jewlery!!! Amazing Work!

Your Jewlery Is soooo Much More Beautiful in Person than online. So delicate and just Wonderful. I love it!!! Thank you

Windy S,  Hawaii  (Frida ring and earrings)

I think I'm in BIG trouble.....I CANNOT help but succumb to Hazel's beautiful things !!! I need to to find, or found, a Baubles Anonymous group !!!!

Hazel, cant you ever make anything that DOESNT sing a siren's song to me ??? Gawd, this woman makes beautiful stuff !!!

ALWAYS beautifully done, ALWAYS enchanting !!! I am irresistibly drawn to Hazel's shop FAR too often that could be considered entirely sane !!!


!!! Irresistible !!! ALL of Hazel's work is lovely & whimsical& beautifully executed. I have MANY of her pieces.....& have never been disappointed......truly enchanting !

Antonia S, USA      (many pairs of earrings)

Excellent quality - make with love and care - received with love and care :) speedy arrival. Can't wait to buy more of the same style - truly unique.

Great fun ring! love it! Thanks Hazel for sharing your creations with us !! Can't wait to get more.

The most beautiful and delightful ever! Thanks Hazel! Hazel is an absolute delight to deal with!! :)

Outstanding quality by Hazel. These are adorable earrings that are a piece of art in my ears! Thanks Hazel! You are the best!

Suzanne,  Dubai   (many pairs of earrings and rings)


Thank you for your excellent work; each piece is different and it is made with love and care.....I appreciate it a lot.

They are super beautiful, definitively I think that I will never stop buying the treasures that you make. Thank you

Always a pleasure to find those treasures that only you are able to create. I love your work. Thank you

I do not have words to describe how they are.....really fantastic!!! I love them *****

I am really happy with this purchase. Colorful and lovely ring specially made for me. thank you

Lovely earrings. I´m very happy with my purchase. Very kind seller and super fast shipping. Thank you very much:) muchas gracias;)

Auri B,  Spain   (many pairs of earrings and rings)


Hazel, I just wanted to take the time to let you know how amazing I think your jewelry is! You're the best jewelry designer on Etsy, by far. I am awestruck by your talent...your combination of colors, textures and images. Its just impressive. I'm completely inspired by your freedom of expression.                          

Shawna A, USA   (jewellery designer on Etsy)

I am so pleased with this exquisite one-of-a kind bracelet. It is so beautiful and well made – very impressive! I get compliments every time I wear it. Thank you so much!
Michelle T, USA