Looking for something special, designed just for you?

I am very happy to work with you to create a bespoke piece of jewellery.

Personalised pieces of jewellery using family portraits in cameos, names formed from wire and adaptations of existing designs are some of the options available.

*Free email consultations and estimates*

Every piece is designed and entirely handcrafted by designer Hazel Mathiot

Please take a look at my gallery of jewellery photos to find something that inspires you.
I can develop these ideas into a unique piece of Jewellery for you or for a loved one.
Tell me your favourite colours, stones, theme etc,
and if you want your piece to match a particular outfit or for a special occasion.
You can order a full set of co-ordinating earrings, necklace and cuff.

How does it work?

1/. The simplest way is to select a piece that you like from the Lilygrace Originals Gallery page.
(please make a note of the number on the left of the bar below the photo).

2/. Tell me your favourite colours, you like small and dainty pieces - or large and bold, Frdia Kahlo, Vintage Circus etc.

E.g. if you like the photo cameo earrings
- send me a picture (not one under copyright) or I will find one for you on your theme.
Select a design from our collection and I will make the earrings with your chosen picture and in your favourite colours.                                                                                                        

It’s important to be as clear as possible about your likes and dislikes in advance. I will need to know details such as your wrist measurent if you are ordering a cuff or the length you would like your earrings to be.

Please let me know if you need your piece for a particular date.


3/. Price estimated in advance
When you have specified your jewellery, I will give you a price in advance plus a guide to how long it will take.
Remember everything is handmade by Lilygrace Originals, so you may need to be patient -   art takes a little time!
Once you place an order, I will need a payment of 50% of the price to start making your jewellery.

4/. I start designing
I may contact you by phone or email to check the details. Often I will send you some sketches by email of my design ideas for you to select your favourite. I’ll then make your special piece and send you photos of the jewellery before it is posted.
If you want something changed, let me know - as long as the changes are reasonable,
it’s a normal part of the creative process.                                                                            

Once you are happy with the photos of your piece,  I’ll ask you to pay the balance of the cost, then your jewellery will be to you by “Recorded Signed For ” service.


5/. Now you have your own specially designed jewellery

When you receive your order please let me know if you like it.                                         

If there is any sort of problem, please let me know too!

6/. Need any changes?
Of course commissions can be complicated, and misunderstandings can arise
If there are any problems when you have received your jewellery, let me know and I’ll make any alterations I can.                                                                                                             


This will be either free of charge if I have not followed your specific instructions - or at a reasonable cost if you want to make previously undiscussed changes.
With goodwill on both sides, Lilygrace Originals can make you something beautiful that you will treasure and enjoy for ever


How is the cost worked out?

The idea of my “customised jewellery service” is that since you choose from something that I have made already, I have a clear starting point. You have an good idea of what you will get, colours, size, finish and features are all specified in advance.

For costs please look at the jewellery you see on the Lilygrace Originals web site,
the price you see there will be a good starting guide.
I have a minimum extra charge for a commission of £25 for necklaces and cuffs, and £15 for rings and earrings on top of the ‘ready to wear’ prices. I will quote everything in advance so there are no surprises. If there is a lot of extra work, time and materials used, the extra charge could be more.

For example - you would like a customised necklace that is based on a Lilygrace Originals design costing £50. The charge would be £50 + £25, a total of £75 for a completely unique necklace made specially for you.
You pay 50% on when you place your order, then the balance after you have approved a photo of the jewellery - in advance of shipping.

If you do not like your jewellery and I cannot alter it to satisfy you,
I will refund 80% of the total cost ( excluding carriage costs) if you return the jewelry to me in saleable condition. Earrings must not be worn to qualify for a refund.

Other details:

If you need to return something to me for amendment, you are responsible for the postage to me, and I will pay the return postage to you.
I hope you find my terms fair and reasonable for such a special service.
Please let me know if anything else comes to mind you’d like - I am here to help.