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Lilygrace Teal Rose Trail Earrings with Rose Montee Rhinestones, Turquoise and Sea Lime


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Vintage Circus

When I grow up I want to run away and join the circus . . . . .

vintage_circus.jpg             circus_gals_and_clown_copy.jpg

Sailor Jerry tattoos

Bold and colourful old school designs, dating from the mid 20th century.  Norman Keith Collins aka  "Sailor Jerry" was the American father of this style.

sj_tat.jpg              sailor-jerry-tats.jpg

Frida Kahlo

One of the most inspirational of artists, and a brave and beautiful woman

frida.jpg           frida-kahlo-1_copy.jpg


Show Girls

The glamour, the absurdity, the fantasy . . . . . the impossible perfection of the pin up

show_girl.jpg            josephine_eyes_copy.jpg


Geishas and Empresses

Geishas and Chinese Empresses, how beautiful and, to unaccustomed Western eyes, how strange. Victims or mistresses of their own destinies?

geisha.jpg             geisha_new.jpg


Flora and Fauna

How can you not love nature, birds, beasts, fish and flowers . . . symbols of the enduring rebirth of nature.

bird_.jpg             flowers.jpg

The Day of the Dead

A wonderful festival in memory of loved ones who have died. Not at all macarbre but a celebration.In Mexico, family picnics are held by the gravesides of those who have gone, so that their spirits do not feel lonely or forgotten.

dode.jpg             dead12.jpg


Saints and Sinners

From the purity and exquisitely beautiful imagery of the Madonna, so resonant with meaning for many people, to ladies with a more mixed reputation such as Eve and Ana de Mendoza, Princess of Éboli

madonna_.jpg              sacred_heart_madonna_copy.jpg

Vintage Wedding

Wedding jewellery for the individual who loves vintage/retro inspired style.

crown.jpg                lily_wedding.jpg
(The right hand photo is of my Grandma Lily Grace's wedding to my Grandpa George)


Women's Work

And I don't mean scrubbing floors, I mean the gentle and underated arts of embroidery, crochet and beadwork


ca1.jpg          augustemache_womansewing.jpg