Fairy Scarlett

Fairy Scarlett


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"Fairy Scarlett"

 Every so often I just have to make some dolls!

This time I have made some fairy dolls, inspired by the simple carved wooden dolls of the 19th century.

Fairy Scarlett is hand modelled from Polymer Clay with jointed arms and legs. She has mohair hair, a handpainted face, bodice, gloves, shoes and stockings.  Scarlett likes to rustle her most magnigficent pure silk scarlet skirts, overlaid with antique handmade lace.

  •  Designed, handmodelled and handpainted by Hazel Mathiot
  •  Polymer Clay
  •  Wire
  •  Pure silk skirt
  •  Antique Handmade lace
  •  Mohair hair
  •  Velvet ribbon
  •  Organza wings
  • 10" (25.4 cm) long

She has been 100% handmade by myself with loving care and attention to detail.
I hope you like her, I think she is very charming.
She could be suspended to fly over the top of your tree*, or be gently posed to sit demurely on a mantlepiece.

* I do this with fine nylon fishing wire so it looks as if the fairies are hovering in mid air

But please remember, fairies are not just for Christmas!

This is a collectors item and not suitable for young children.


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